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An Earthly Perspective

A Student of History's Perspective on the World

Elizabeth Porter
31 October
Well I'm Elizabeth, Lizzy Porter. I'm in my first year of university and getting my bachelor of arts in history and I plan on becoming a teacher. I enjoy reading manga and eating pocky with a cup of green tea on rainy days. I like frilly dresses, but its more of a look a pictures then wearing them. I pride comfort over style, at least in my own wardrobe. On a rainy day your most likely to find me curled up with a good book or watching some kind of drama show on tv. I'm thinking of moving to London when I get older, but the subject's still iffy. I'm pretty attached to my computer and I spend most of my freetime with it open. I admit I'm probably not going to post much here, at least not right now things may change at a later date. Mainly I enjoy reading through fanworks and the occasional discussion.