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 As a revision to my post below about how horrible the Sailor Moon dub was by Dic, I feel I must make an additional statement.

Though the Sailor moon dub was horrendous and turned me off a great deal of dubs I admit that it could have been worse. I saw what one company wanted to do with it. Break out the brain bleach please! They were going to mix western style animation with live action. I saw the trailer for it. It was horrible. I never would have watched the original  Japanese one and would have missed out on so much.

So despite many dubs of animes being horrible flaming wrecks such as the dub of Sailor Moon by DIC or the dub of One Piece by 4Kids TV. I still can't watch the Funimation dub of that. Thank you 4Kids TV for making your theme song be so catchy that it will NEVER go away!
We should try and remember that hey, better companies can pick them up and fix the problem.

And also?

It could have been much, much worse

Can You Really Define This?

My sister is a practical person. Not practical like most would think of, with the logic and reason. More of the not imaginitive and fanciful type. We’ve been discribed as total opposites for as long as I can remember, I’d have to say that the majority are right. We have a four year gap between the two of us so we were never ultra close, not since I was around ten. I liked princesses, fairy tales and reading. My sister wanted to run around outside with the neighbourhood boys and helped them through my jump rope among other things up trees. She was social, I preferred the company of my stuffed animal collection and a few good books. She was outgoing and aggressive I was shy shy and according to my friend ‘’a rock had more mean thoughts”. I think Ann was a little disillusioned as one rocks don’t think and two I do think mean things, I’ve never had the nerve to voice them let alone do anything.

In school I was that girl who was always good for the teachers, was rarely disruptive and the only thing I ever got in trouble for was reading during class. I was the book kid, the walking dictionary. I accepted it. I liked that I was thought of as smart by people. Beka on the other hand….

Beka right now probably holds the title of being the most badass ninth grader at her school. Now her school is very white bread so doesn’t mean she’s all fist fights and crap like that. What she’s got is the fact that she sticks with her guns no matter what’s going down. She’s usually sorta okay with you messing with her; she’ll be bitchy about it but…. But seriously, do not screw with her friends, it pisses her off. Screw the school’s no touch policy, she will punch you out. If she thinks you’re being dumb she will tell you even if you’re her teacher, that kinda thing doesn’t matter to her really. She’s very blunt about how she feels.

Sometimes I wish I could be brave like that, straightforward and truthful. Then I look at how much trouble it gets her in and keep my mouth shut. The world doesn’t want that form of blunt honesty. They want platitudes, lies, and good manners. That’s what I plan to give them.

People will tell you that honesty is the best policy and all that crap but really, what the world wants is clean convienent packages they can deal with everyday, despite the reality that life ain’t like that. Lying is something that everyone in human history has done, even if it was just one teensy tiny lie to themselves. Lying is a part of the human condition, sad but true.

I got way off topic didn’t I?

In conclusion? Yeah my sister maybe rough edges and harsh words but she’ll make a good friend if you get on her good side. I am glad that she’s my sister and despite our differences I know we love each other. That’s a good thing right?


[Fan Fiction] Candlelight

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am simply a vessel for my muses to put out these stories. Think what you will of them


You know when I was very small, smaller than I was before I met you and I went out to play my parents would leave a light in the window so I could always find my way back home, no matter where I went. Well I've grown up a lot since then, and I don’t need it now, but you’ve gone away to war though you’ve promised to return one day and I’m afrard you’ll get lost and forget how to get back. So I've taken my candle out, and left it in the window, that way you’ll always know I’m here and I wait next to it until I fall asleep so if you come back I’ll be there to see you.

It’s been quite sometime since I last saw your face. News is slow, but what can you expect? I admit I’m too much of a coward to send as many letters as I’d like. Though you know that I love you too, you’ve always been good like that. Even when you seem scary, you’ve always been so nice to me.


I had to replace that candle; it burnt down all the way. Nearly set the house on fire, I got scolded by Mr Austria. Couldn’t blame him, though I wish he hadn’t taken away my pasta. I’m still waiting here, I hope you know that. I've even made the sweets I promised!

Miss Hungary helped me. She’s seems very sad lately, but she won’t tell me why. Mr. Austria too… Maybe when you get back we can cheer them up! I bet they miss you too!


Big brother France came by the other day, he was kind of beat up I suppose… I suppose one of those people he talks about, must have beaten him up…

I miss you so much you know that? I hope you come home soon I really really do! Because, because I never really got to say it to you and Grandpa says that that’s the best way, that way you know for sure! And you know these sweets won’t stay good forever and I don’t want to eat them without you!


Why won’t you come home? You promised me… I love you, please come home, please come home, I love you; I’m waiting… just like I promised… I love you…


Holy Roman Empire… don’t leave me, don’t leave me…


Why do people I love keep leaving me?


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One of the things my parents and I together over the weekends when I visit is watch tv together. Seems a little disconnected but its just how things have been since high school, watching tv series my parents have on dvd together. But we have our differences in how we watch tv.

My parents are what I call 'passive watchers' they watch because they enoy the show, the plot but not much beyond that. To them good tv is good tv and they're pretty quiet while they watch.

I, on the other hand spend most of time talking at the tv, trying to figure out what's going on, analyzing everything, from plot to character development. Back in my dorm room this isn't a big deal as there's no one to get annoyed. But at home... Well my parents like quiet when they watch the tube and 'don't need a running commentary'

They wonder why I try to get ahead in the show. That way I can analyze it to my heart's content without their... *hand wavy gesture* input?

This is what happens when I don't get my coffee....

I admit it. As a kid one of my favorite shows in the universe was Sailor Moon. As I was six at the time I was unaware that the show had pretty much been assaulted by the dubbers, a group called DiC. I watched that show everday without fail and I was convinced that Serena and Darien were the orld's most perfect couple. The only thing I ever thought was weird was that Amara and Michelle were cousins. My kid brain told me they acted like they loved each other, but I sorta did what most kids did; went 'meh' and kept watching. Heck to prove what a fan I was I had my mom buy all three movies and a had the little figurines of the scouts too.

Then I got older, became a fan of anime and got into the communities.

I was aware that Sailor Moon was a Japanese show originally, but at first I paid no mind to it as I was self-absorbed like most thirteen year olds. I was more focused on watching for my own personal enjoyment than looking in on anything. Eventually through word of mouth, I found out how much a show could change from sub to dub. So I went watched it, compared it, thought about it....

Let's just say I was a bit freaked out.

Seriously, there's making a couple of changes because the translated dialogue is awkward in english and then there's what DiC did. Not as infamous as what 4kids tv did to anime's such as One Piece, but generally shocking if you actually take a good look at it. They removed entire episodes, rearranging the playing order not to mention corrupting a rather good theme song into one of the worst earworms in existance. Not even a good earworm but a repetitive song that pretty much explained the entire show in 30 seconds. And this isn't even taking in to account what they did to the content of said show.

Well they changed all the names first of all, ruining the ironic pun of the main character's name. Tsukino Usagi is how it is supposed to be read. For those who don't know their romanji, that translates to 'Moon Rabbit' and the fact that 'Darien's original name 'Mamoru' means protector... As for the others, main character wise names were shortened, Americanized, or all together changed, even if the name is easily pronouced by the shows english-speaking viewers. Haruka is actually a more gender ambiguous name then Amara, maybe if they had used it they could have avoided the whole dub dumb that was there 'reimagining of Neptune and Uranus's interaction throughout the show'

Really, changing to lesbiens that were never all that in your face about it into cousins WITHOUT CHANGING ANY DIALOGUE WHATSOEVER was a great way to avoid offending or traumatizing anyone with their 'offensive homosexual actions' Seriously it was the ninties when this show aired, I thought that decade was a pretty tolerant one, but whatever, prove me wrong.

Some of the only things that I refuse to change mentally was some of the characters voices. Its not that they were particularly good voices or anything more of things like Molly's Brooklyn accent always stuck with me better then her Japanese voice and Chibi-Usa's VA was one of my favorite hosts from the Zone which was the programming block that I watched up until, well it changed so much that it wasn't recognizable. Of course whoever played Serena had one of the whiniest voices I've ever heard and Nephrite in the dub sounded like a chain smoker. So bad was said voice acting that I used what his Japanese voice sounded like and put it with Molly's adorable Brooklyn accent. My brain is happier that way, and refuse to change it.

As for DiC and what it did... Well excuse me while my hetalian side comes into play...


Why did you let them do that to such a good show! Japan's shows are fine as is, there was no reason to mess with them! You're my nation, I awknowledge you, why did you let this be done to such a good show! Is it because Japan ignores you like everyone else?

Or maybe you didn't know....

Yeah lets go with that.

God I hope this doesn't happen to the Hetalia dub
Funimation be merciful on our souls....

Balance Sucks....

I was visiting my parents house for the weekend.With uni and all I don't get to do it as often as I would like to but I digress. After a two hour car ride home it appears that the meter reader from the local power-company had come by the house to check it. Apparantly it wasn't working properly so he asked my mom if he could turn off power to the house for about fifteen inutes so he could fix it.

My mom said yes.
We have an old house, old meter. He broke it. So we went without power until mom could get an electrician in to fix it the next day. So I spent Friday night curled up with a blanket next to a fire as my dad proceeded to tell us that the meter-reader according to company code (he's an engineer) is NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THE METER WITHOUT A LINEMAN. Caps intended. In fact this guy literally could have died by doing this as electricity from the power lines was still flowing to the house.

Thankfully by Saturday afternoon power was restored and all was well. Spent the rest of the day catching up with my parents and checked my email where I found out I had won a sweepstakes at one of my favorite stores. I wonder if things just needed to balance out in order for me to win...


Well, I suppose this is 'Hello?'

Admittedly, this isn't my first time on the site. Then again, in this day an age its pretty much expected for some one my age to know sites such as this pretty well am I right? Still, all things considering might as well deal with the basics correct?

My name is Elizabeth Porter, I'm eighteen years old and am currently a history major. I'm living on-campus, So much easier to get to class. My parent's don't really live nearby, but it's like only a twenty minute drive so too bad. Eventually I plan on becoming a teacher, though what age group I'm aiming at, I couldn't tell ya.

I want to be a writer and I really am working on it when I have the time, but time is in high demand and not as much as I would like goes towards actual writing. Still, I may post some of my stuff, both original and fan on here.

I think I've covered a lot of things such as intrests on that page thingy so I won't go into them here. I can't promise that I'll post often, I have numerous other obligations, but I'll try.

-Elizabeth Porter